Band Sleeve

Band Sleeve


While bands are great for performing stretching and lifting exercises, over time they can develop cuts and nicks. Breakage can result in serious injury to an athlete. To ensure this does not happen, bands are routinely checked for cuts and nicks. If a band has any defect it is not usable, it has to be discarded. Over time this becomes very expensive.


We have designed a removable cover for bands that can withstand the day to day rigors of training.


The Band Sleeve is a removable cover that will enclose the band in a durable nylon fabric that will not nick or fray. The Band Sleeve will increase the life of the band and keep the athletes safe. By protecting the band from metal bars, racks, and cleats, The Band Sleeve eliminates nicks and cuts which will decrease frequent replacement, thereby saving money.

Band Sleeve

A removable cover for training bands that will protect them from nicks and cuts

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