The Bruzer Board


Bruzer BoardProblem: Conventionally, a third person is required to hold a set of  wood boards on a lifter’s chest. This is inefficient and, if held improperly, can cause injury.

Solution: The Bruzer Board is a simple and robust product designed as an exercise attachment that offers weight lifters a varying range of motion within their exercise.  It is a self-correcting work out tool that enhances lifters’ performance and allows certain rehabilitation athletes to continue exercising.  It can be easily attached to any barbell.

Design: The Bruzer Board includes attachments that are easily connected to the Bruzer Board that mimic a two-board, three-board, or four-board board press. This prevents lifters from coming all the way down with the barbell, promoting better bench pressing form which helps prevent injuries caused by strain on the Glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint). The Bruzer Board is a compact and durable design approximately 10 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches and can easily fit into a gym bag.  Carrying this product to a gym is much more manageable than transporting a set of boards used for board press.  It is made with durable foam giving it a long product lifespan.

Benefits: The Bruzer Board serves as an excellent rehab tool and an accessory that promotes proper lifting form. Athletes in rehab can use this product and continue to perform bench press without aggravating their injury because it isolates certain muscle groups depending on the workout. Since the Bruzer Board can strap right on the bar and be adjusted in a matter of seconds, it eliminates the need for groups of three (spotter, lifter, board holder).  More weight lifters can complete their routines in a short amount of time.


  • Bench press
  • Pull-down
  • Military press
  • Bodyweight push-ups
  • And more!

Patent Pending