The Power Heel

The Oly Wedge

Problem: When performing power lifts, a majority of the body’s weight is thrown back onto the heel of the foot, which poses a problem if there is no support.

Solution: The Oly Wedge is a cost effective shoe attachment that can transform any style shoe into an Olympic weightlifting shoe by elevating the heel and providing substantial traction and support. The one-size-fits-all design allows for it to be applied to nearly any shoe. Most high school and college athletes do not want, or are not able, to spend the money for a pair of Olympic weightlifting shoes.  The Oly Wedge offers an affordable method to teach athletes how to properly do Olympic lifting and minimize the risk of injuries.

Currently used: Conventional Olympic weightlifting shoes have an elevated heel that forces lifters to use proper weight lifting techniques which help protect knee joints, improves balance and posture, and offer the ability to lift heavier weights. These lifting shoes are costly, typically ranging in price from $120-$200.

Convenience: Rather than changing into Olympic weightlifting shoes for one or two exercises during a session, lifters can keep their same shoes on and attach the Oly Wedge.

Value: The Oly Wedge is able to replicate expensive weightlifting shoes at a fraction of the cost while enforcing proper form during unique strength lifts on those less experienced.  The Oly Wedge’s heavy duty Velcro straps make it easy to attach, remove, and shared among weightlifters during a weight lifting session. The Oly Wedge is excellent for high school athletes who are just learning to train using power movements; their strength and conditioning coaches are able to teach them the correct form on the lifts. Another benefit is the durability of the product and the safety it provides considering correct and proper form on lifts greatly reduces the chances of injury.

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